Menstrual/Pre-Menstrual Pain

You’re going to hate me for this advice but I do not care. I hated it too, but I tried it (begrudgingly) and it worked so well that I’m swallowing my pride and typing it out here. Lifestyle and dietary changes are the first steps to handling or managing menstrual and/or pre-menstrual pain and discomfort. Phew. There. I said. Do we all feel better?  

The first and most significant, immediate, undeniable way to affect this change is to exercise more. Exercising while experiencing menstrual and pre-menstrual pain is a great way to distract the body from the junk and move the blood around. Exercising more consistently during the rest of the cycle is a great way to keep the body in good shape so that it can better handle the added stress of menstruating or preparing to menstruate. So start exercising early in your cycle so that by the time you menstruate, you’re in an exercise habit/schedule.  

Stop drinking alcohol. I KNOW. But it truly truly helps.  

Try to eat more fresh foods and less animal product. These are easier for your body to digest and a healthier body has a more comfortable menstrual cycle.  

And finally, if you need to explore massage, aromatherapy, supplements, and/or acupuncture, you’ll have a healthier body as a baseline if you follow the easier and cheaper suggestions first! 

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