Menstrual Cups

Have you ever read the “ingredients” in your tampons? Do you feel comfortable putting chemical soaps and polypropylene and propylene glycol into your vagina and leaving it there for hours at a time? And how much are you spending on cotton you’re just going to use to soak up your blood and throw away? And what do you do with the used product? Do you throw it in your garbage to sit and fester? Or do you flush it down your toilet and end it to trash island – wherever that may be?  

A menstrual cup, such as the Lunette Cup or Diva Cup, is a great alternative to the tampon for all of these reason. It’s a small silicon funnel-shaped cup (but without the hole at the bottom, of course) that sits in your vagina for up to eight hours collecting blood that you can then empty in the toilet, rinse out, and place back in.  

You can use the same one for years at a time. It’s environmentally and economically friendly. And it’ll help you get better acquainted with your vagina as the putting in and taking out process takes some practice. 

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